The R. D. Bitzer Company, Inc. maintains a large inventory of products to help fill your hydronic needs; including B&G pumps (both inline and base mounted pumps up to 30 H.P.) balance valves, triple duty valves, suction diffusers, and all of the other B&G products you have come to rely on. If you are looking for the latest in Variable Frequency Drive technology we are your go-to stocking source for robust and flexible Danfoss VLT HVAC drives.  RD Bitzer Company, Inc,, stocks drives with bypass up to 75 HP in 460 volts and up to 20 HP in 208 volts. When it comes to steam products, we are second to none. We stock Hoffman float and thermostatic traps, inverted bucket traps and thermodisc traps in all pressure ranges. In addition, we stock pressure and temperature regulators, vents and condensate handling equipment. We also stock McDonnell and Miller boiler controls, Watts Radiant floor warming and snow melting equipment, Flex-Hose pump connectors and expansion joints, and Wessels tanks.